About Us

Keyway Tooling offers over 25 years of experience with Keyseaters, Tooling and Fixtures.

We have hundreds of standard and metric Keyseater Cutters that are compatible with Mitts and Merrill, Morrison, Fromag and WGW - in stock and ready for shipment.

Our product line inventory includes related tooling: Tool Posts and Tool Bars, Feed and Taper Wedges, Step and Expansion Bushings, Top Clamps, Post Adapters and more.

Tooling expertise, quality workmanship, knowledgeable technicians and rapid turnaround on orders have gained us a reputation of exceptional customer service.

We pride ourselves on being your go-to partner for Keyseaters and related tooling.

Custom Keyway Tooling

Keyway Tooling & Manufacturing Inc. has proven expertise in manufacturing custom tooling for all kinds of machines. For many years, we have produced customized cutters, tooling and fixtures for keyseater machines.

We have the ability, and the experience, to make tooling for any manufacturing sector that is involved in machining.

Send us your sketch, drawing or sample, and other vital information, and we will have a quote for you within 24 hours.

Our talented team helps clients with suggestions and recommendations, especially in the design and functionality of a tool to ensure it works at peak efficiency.

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What Clients Say About Us

Keyway Tooling gets it done quick and done right.