Product Line Description

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Item #1 Guide Post (Tool Post)
All guide posts are precisely grooved to accomodate tool bar, feed wedge, and taper wedge.
Item #2 Top Clamp
Fastens to the guide post, holding the workpiece and the bushing in place.
Item #3 Post Adaptor
Post Adaptor fits the lower end of the guide post to bore on top of the machine.
Item #4 Feed Wedge
Moves up and down along the guide post with the tool bar. As the feed wedge descends, the tool bar moves forward and cuts.
Item #5 Cutter Bar (Bar Type Cutter)
A one-piece setup. It does the cutting when moving up and down along the guide post. Applicable to guide posts of 1 1/4" diameter or less.
Item #6 Tool Bar
Tool bar has a dovetail slot for an insert cutter to fit in.
Item #7 Super Tool Bar and Super Cutter
A unique design which minimizes cutter movement and breakage.
Item #8 Insert Cutters
Used with a tool bar. Available in different sizes for guide posts 1 1/2" diameter and larger. Specially shaped and angled cutters for saw profile cutting are also available.
Item #9 Step Bushings
Used in pairs to hold work in position. Available for guide posts 3/4" diameter and larger. Bushings are stepped.
Item #10 Expansion Bushings
Available for guide posts 1" diameter and larger. These bushings have a range of variable diameters. High adjustability. Excellent for workpieces with variable bores.

Custom Keyway Tooling Available